10 Reasons I Love The Olympics


'Michael Phelps' photo (c) 2008, Marco Paköeningrat - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/I know I’ve been talking about the Olympics a lot on the blogs this week, but I love them.  Like seriously love them.  Here’s why:

1.  Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings.  They’re just consistently good and never hard to watch.  And I don’t love beach volleyball.

2.  Michael Phelps.  I feel like with both 1 & 2 I got to see some of the greatest athletes in their respective sports in my generation.  There may be a day that someone passes Michael Phelps’ records, but I hope I never see it.

3.  Swimming.  I love watching it.  It makes me feel like I could be awesome like that, and then we do a swimming workout for the gym and I realize that it’s just ridiculous how talented these folks are.

4.  Close races.  The picture above is from the celebration of one of the greatest races of all time.  I could watch it 20 times a day and cry every time we touch that wall first.

5.  Discovering how incredible people are.  Physical attributes are great.  But it’s the mental strength that I find incredible.

6.  Stories.  I love hearing the athletes’ stories.  Where they came from.  What they’ve overcome to get to this point.  Where they’re going.  Everyone has a dream and a story.  We get to watch people live out their dreams.

7.  Gold medals.  They’re just pretty.

8.  Opening ceremonies.  The creativity of people amazes me.

9.  I love all of the coverage that it’s getting.  If I didn’t work and could still afford television (from not working) I would be able to watch a TON of Olympic events that I never even knew existed.

10.  My Twitter feed has blown up with one liners and cheers for the home team.  Always entertaining, that Twitter machine is.

So what about you?  Do you love or hate the Olympics?  Why?

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  • I usually love the Olympics, but since I missed the whole first week because of camp, I just cannot get into it this year. I’ve maybe watched a combined 15 minutes of it. I went from loving it to “meh.”

    Meh. Oh well.

    • You missed about 99% of the swimming, which, besides beach volleyball, have been the most exciting events. Sadness.

  • I have fallen in love with the women that run the 100meter. They are beyond beautiful and their speed blows my mind!! I found a new goal :o)

    • They are pretty darn awesome. My new goal is to be able to run 100 meters in under a minute. Here’s hoping 😉

  • Chris

    LOVE! and, Julie, don’t you think you have a new found appreciation for the athletes & their training, since you now work out too? I know I feel that way, especially watching the gymnasts & divers, & all, really. Those beautiful athelic bodies didn’t just come that way!

    • I do. I know how hard it is to do some of the simple things that I do. I can’t imagine twisting and turning and all that added stuff, as well!

  • Susan

    Good job writing, Julie!