Testing Relationships


'The Chair Relationship - Part 1 : The Waiting Room' photo (c) 2009, Bes Z - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Sometimes my friends and I get to hang out.  Like actually go out to a movie or dinner or something.  With everyone’s crazy schedules, it’s kind of hard to coordinate a time where we can actually all make it.  Or at least a majority of us can make it, I guess I should say.  I love these times.  A lot of the times, too, their kids come along (which I love!), but it’s a rare and special occasion that it’s just the adults.

We had one of those nights Sunday night.  My friend turns 35 today, and we decided to go out to a movie and ice cream.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

The ice cream was great.

The movie?  I’d never felt so uncomfortable in my life.

But what I realized most about the night was that if I was going to have a completely uncomfortable experience, I was okay sharing it with these folks.

We all walked out of the theater, looked at each other in complete disbelief and just started laughing.  I don’t know that we stopped laughing most of the rest of the evening.  When we would stop, all it would take was someone saying something remotely acquainted to the experience, and here we’d go again.

I guess in a way it was a test of our friendship.

And I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that we passed that one with flying colors.

Still today, three days later, I’m still laughing in disbelief that we misjudged the movie as much as we did.

It’s good to have friends who will laugh with you during the uncomfortable times, hold your hand when you need strength, give you a shoulder when you need to cry and just be there when you need to talk.  It’s not the good or easy times that make the relationships.  It’s walking through the craziness of life that makes you strong together.

Have you ever had an experience like mine?

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  • For the record, I told Chet what the movie was gonna be like. Also, the movie was good. It was about sex, yes, but for once it was about a married couple. They didn’t cheat on each other. They didn’t go a swingers convention, or anything else most Hollywood movies would have had them do. They talked about their problems and awkwardly tried to fix them.

    We have made sex such an awkward topic because we have vilified it so much in the church. In reality, it’s a gift to be shared between husbands and wives. It’s also a big problem when the couple isn’t connecting on that level.

    The movie treated it realistically and well.

    • Yeah. I didn’t say that the movie was bad. I just would have preferred not to watch it in a theater with a bunch of strangers. I agree. I loved the premise and that they actually tried to address a problem in what I feel was the correct way rather than just go out and be stupid and then ask for forgiveness.

      I also knew the premise going in and that it could be uncomfortable, but I didn’t realize to what extent. I had my face covered for most of the uncomfortable parts 😉

  • Sounds like a really fun night. I love those secret laughs too. Now, what movie did you see??? 🙂

    • It actually was really fun. We’re still laughing about it and will probably continue to do so for a long, long time. The movie was Hope Springs. Just way more of Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson than I EVER wanted to see lol