10 Things About My New Computer


'MacBook Pro' photo (c) 2010, bfishadow - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/I plunged wholeheartedly into the world of Apple this week as I anxiously awaited the arrival of my new MacBook Pro.  It seems as though my old computer just didn’t really want to work for me too much, so I went this route.

So far I think I’m in love.

Here are a few things I like:

1.  It’s pretty.  Apple makes pretty things for the techno-geek like myself.  It feels like aluminum and is silver.   The keyboard is backlit and the apple on the cover lights up when it’s in use.  Let’s face it, we’re in to pretty things.  Apple makes some of the best.

2.  It’s different from Windows.  Keep in mind, I don’t hate Windows.  But I also don’t love Windows.  I’m a firm believer in not sticking with something just because it’s what you’ve always known.  Just because it’s what you’ve always done, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do things.  This helps in the transition.

3.  I have an iPad and an iPhone.  It only made sense that my computer match my other tech accessories.

4.  In all seriousness, my friend has had his MacBook for 6+ years.  I’ve never had a PC last that long.  I decided I could either spend $300-$400 every two or three years or put up a bigger amount of cash (caught a sale at Best Buy for this one) and hopefully keep it longer.  I’m hoping that the only time I’ll have to replace it is if I just decide I want something new.

5.  The speakers are WAY better than my other speakers.  I can actually hear the music playing.  This is a big bonus since I like to have music playing when I’m writing.

6.  Last night I sat down to work on a series I’m doing for my other blog and wrote almost 3,000 words in just over two hours.  I don’t really know how much the computer helped in that matter except that I could actually open a program to start typing on this one whereas I couldn’t on the other.

7.  I can adjust the brightness and volume super easy just by pressing a few keys.  Now, maybe your computers have that.  Mine didn’t. I just press a couple of buttons.  Super easy.

8.  I like the way the buttons are spaced out.  They’re not touching each other like they do on a PC keyboard.  It’s not a huge thing, but for some reason it feels different when typing, and I kinda like it.

9.  The way to add programs to you Mac is through the App Store, just like on your iPhone or iPad.  They aren’t the same version they are on the mobile devices, but Pages, which is the Word equivalent, was only $20.00.  I’ve never paid that little for any Microsoft product.

10.  I enjoy learning new things.  I enjoy playing with new technology.  Mainly I love learning new things by playing on new techie toys.

So how about you guys?

Have you made any recent major purchase?

Am I just a big geek?

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