Guest Post ~ A Letter To My 18-Year-Old Self from Andrea


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Today’s letter comes from Andrea Ward.  I went to high school with Andrea, so I was pretty close to seeing her at 18.  She was pretty awesome then.  And you know, I hear things just get better with age 😉   She writes at a blog called , Jesus, You, and Me.  Go check her out.  You’re not going to regret it!
Dear 18 year old me,

  I know you are clinging to EIU and a Spanish major because you think it is all you have.  I know you are clinging to the classroom because you believe that is your only place to be successful.  Trust God’s plan a little more.  You will love EIU, Spanish and teaching for more than your ability.

  I know you doubt who you are and who you are supposed to be. Follow God and he will lead you there.  You want to be a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a writer.  You are all that!  God has big plans for you and it involves the desires of your heart.  Let him give you those.

  I know you wonder about “happily ever after.”  Trust God because He does love you that much.  And next year when you meet happily ever after, trust your instincts.  Including the one that says wait.  God put them there for a reason.
  I know you think you know where you are going. And in 6 years when you are ‘sure’ of the plan, listen even closer.  Don’t ask God to bless your plans. Leave room for God to move you.  Follow his plans and receive blessings.
  I know you worry about everything being perfect.  Stop that!  It is okay if your grades aren’t perfect.  It is okay if your finances aren’t perfect.  It is okay if your room/house doesn’t look perfect.  It is okay if you aren’t perfect.  God will love you anyway.  The important people in your life will love you anyway.  Work towards better not perfect.
  One last thing, don’t let this world define your success.  Be a success to God.  Let Him tell you the plan.  Love the journey He puts you on.  It is there you will find your happiness.
Me at 31

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  • Thanks for the opportunity! I didn’t even realize I felt all that stuff until I started writing. It was pretty amaizng.

    • Thank you for doing it. There’s just something about writing stuff down, isn’t there? So good!

  • Michelle Woodman

    I love this line: “Follow [God’s] plan and receive blessings. So often we get it all turned around, don’t we?

    • I loved that one, too, Michelle.

    • It took me a while to figure that out, like 2 cross country moves and multiple “dreams” that failed. Meanwhile I am happier here where I never planned than I could have been anywhere else. God’s plans always work out better, don’t they?

  • I love that. Close to tears again! I’ve got to do this. Andrea, that was amazing.

    • Thanks. It was pretty eye opening to write. Thinking back on 18 some things stood out and then others were hidden. I had to marinate for a while to get them, like I was really clinging to Spanish and EIU as my only hope in life because I had that little faith in myself. That one made me sit back and think. You should definitely do this!