I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty excited about this new show on Fox called Revolution.  I recorded it Monday night and watched it last night.  I think mainly I love the concept of it.  A world without power.  We have to learn to be self-sustainable.  It’s intriguing.  Especially to this technology-loving geek like me.

I read a book series a few years ago about the same concept.  Cars don’t work.  No engines whatsoever work.  No electricity.  Nothing.  The parts I loved about it were the parts where people started to recognize their own strengths and talents and really start to work together and make things work.  I’m not saying that this is how the TV show is going to play out, but I am hoping.  Unfortunately, they skip 15 years from the time the blackout happens to the time the show starts, so we don’t get to see all of the changes they’ve had to make.

But here is what I’m wondering:  Are we taking the easy way out?  We have all of these things that make our lives easier, and we’re left with the highest rate ever of obesity and childhood obesity.  We’re left with a lot of people settling for the mediocre lifestyle because it’s what’s been handed to us and we never really have to fight for anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate fighting.  But there is something about the struggle that brings out the strength in us that just adds to the beauty around us.

Maybe I’m hoping to see this out of the show.  Maybe I’m hoping to just see more people stand up and fight for the life they were born for instead of the life they’ve settled for.

Maybe I just love a good story.

Either way, I’ll be watching Revolution on Mondays for a while or until it gets weird.

What are your thoughts?

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  • It’s the trap of being comfortable. Some days I would LOVE to stay in bed instead of rising early to meet with Jesus. My desire for Him has to be more than my desire to stay comfortably in bed. It’s a lesson hard learned, but incredibly worth it. I agree!

  • rojopaul

    Your post made me think of 911. While it was a horrible day in our history, there were so many heros that day, and so many people came together to help out perfect strangers. There is an English proverb that says, “A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” I think that’s also why we are told to endure in the Bible. Romans 5:3 tells us that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces hope. In our suffering, we draw closer to God – it’s inevitable. But I admit I would sometimes rather skip the process sometimes and get to the end result, or take the easy way out (to our own detriment).

    • esauproject

      Well said.

      I’m always looking for the easiest way from point A to point B. I always forget that it’s the journey that counts.