10 Things I Learned This Week


'tea-tree flower' photo (c) 2011, John Tann - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ been an interesting week. I’ve learned a few things. Here are 10!

1. I’ve never experienced pain before. I only thought I had. I woke up Sunday with a toothache that wouldn’t go away. And then resulted in a root canal on Wednesday. There is no pain I have ever felt (keep in mine I haven’t had children) that has been any worse than that tooth hurting.

2. Vicodin, while effective, makes me feel like my skin is crawling if I take two of them. I can function, albeit nervously, while only taking one, but two makes me feel insane. I can’t believe people pay to feel like that.

3. A root canal is a fairly painless procedure. My mouth is still a little sore two days after, but it’s 100 times better than it was the previous three days, so I’ll take it.

4. I didn’t realize how expensive taking care of your teeth is. Next time, if it’s not a huge tooth, I’ll probably just tell him to pull it. I can take it.

5. My friends and family are awesome (although I already knew this). Tons called to check on me and ask if they could bring me dinner or whatever. I might have said yes if my house hadn’t been such a mess or I hadn’t stopped at Orange Leaf and Starbucks for frozen yogurt and a white mocha for the trip home.

6. If you ever have a toothache, put tea tree oil on it for 30 minutes and then rinse your mouth out. It won’t taste good, but it’s the only way I got any sleep that first night without medicine. It was wonderful. Some have also suggested oil of clove. That would probably taste a little better, but I had tea tree oil on hand, and it worked, so that’s what I’m recommending.

7. My new haircut takes less time to dry and style than my old hair did just drying a little and then air drying the rest of the way. Why is that?

8. Missing a full week of CrossFit sucks. I tried to go this morning but was still in some tooth pain. I will go Monday but then be off the rest of the week again. Almost two weeks in a row isn’t good, but when I get back, I’m starting hardcore on my other blog’s Paleo Challenge. You should go check it out.

9. I still freaking love The New Girl television show. It was premier week this week, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed breaking my 1-hour nightly TV limit for it. It won’t happen much, but this one week was fantastic.

10. Next week’s posting will be sporadic. I will be in freaking Atlanta, Georgia, at the Catalyst Conference listening to some incredible leaders of this day. I’m pretty darn excited about it all.

Have you learned anything this week? Do tell.

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  • typtyp

    Oh, I have major dental anxiety and feel for you. Man, I wish I had known about tea tree oil a long time ago. When Lane was just a baby and Jay was working nights, I got an infection and it was absolutely horrible, sounds very similiar to your experience. I simply could not sleep, my whole mouth was on fire, etc. After we got rid of the infection, I went for a root canal, scared that it would be awful. I totally agree with you that a root canal is about the best procedure ever…as far as actual pain, especially when you feel so bad beforehand. Just last year I had a crown, that didn’t work and they wanted to do something else, I said to just yank it out. It was like $100 for the pull and about $800 for whatever they wanted to do and there was no guarantee it would work. I won. I don’t miss it. I will survive without that one tooth. I’m sorry you had a rough week, I totally feel your pain! Next week will be better!

    • Thanks! I keep thinking I should have had them pull it…especially after I wrote that check out and am waiting to have the cap put on and write another one for that. Unfortunately it’s a big molar that I would most definitely miss, so I decided this route for now. Hopefully I won’t have to have another one again, but if I do, I think I’ll go for the extraction! Try tea tree oil next time! I always have it on hand!

  • rojopaul

    No horrid dental experiences to share, just yet, so counting my blessings there, although I’m sure a time will come. As for what I learned this week? I’ll tell you I learned two things: (1) When Christians don’t act very Christlike toward me, it especially hurts; and (2) I’m not going to stop being me and who God made me to be just because someone else thinks it makes them look bad. So there.

    • Sounds like you had a not-so-great week. So sorry, my friend. I’ll be praying next week gets better for you!