10 Things Of Catalyst


Last week I went to a conference in Atlanta called Catalyst.  I went last year.  I hope to go again next year.  Here are 10 things from my trip I loved:

1.  And Stanley.  He opens and closes every Catalyst conference.  He’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.  He articulates exactly what he wants to say and there is so much information given in the short time he’s up here it’s unbelievable.  Definitely read some of his books.

2.  Francis Chan.  Seriously.  This guy is so fantastic.

3.  Christine Caine.  I had just an idea of who this woman was and what she did before I got there.  Now I want to read every book she’s ever written and listen to every talk she’s ever given.  By far my favorite speaker of the week.

4.  I got to meet Joy Eggerichs, whom I have mentioned on here before.  Joy, if you ever read this, please know that I’ve just started meeting people I’ve met online and I’m pretty sure I’m completely awkward.  Give me a couple drinks and I’ll be a little more comfortable.  Next time I’ll be my normal self and not doped up with cold medicine either 🙂

5.  I got to travel and attend with my friend Kim.  I hadn’t ever traveled anywhere with her before, and we had a ball. I love friends who you can sit in a car with and not have to feel like you have to have a conversation with.  To me that speaks volumes.

6.  Jon Acuff.  I don’t know the man.  But I read one of his blogs.  He’s talked about one of his dreams being speaking from the main stage at Catalyst.  I got to see him live out that dream.  I love seeing people fulfill their dreams.

7.  The Bloggers Meetup.  I got to see Alece and Tracee again if only for just a few seconds.  Got to talk to Bryan Allain and meet his wife this year.  Just had some good conversations all evening.  And a cheesecake martini.  So yummy.

8.  Bahama Breeze.  We stayed in the same place we did last year.  Just diagonal from Bahama Breeze.  Such good food.  Great atmosphere.

9.  The speakers.  There are so many good speakers.  Some I was aware of and some I wasn’t.  One thing is that’s it’s hard to leave this conference and not be aware that there is no excuse for us not to be involved in something.

10.   Worship with 13,000 people.  It didn’t hurt that Michael W. Smith showed up for a surprise worship set.  Seriously.  We sang the first song.  Then this guy starts walking up to the stage and starts playing the piano.  They put the spotlight on him and I turn to Kim and say, “That’s Michael W. freaking Smith.”  But in truth, the man is gifted by God and uses his talents so incredibly.

So there are 10 things about my trip.  What did you guys do last week?

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  • rojopaul

    Have had the pleasure of hearing Francis Chan preach several times since we are in the same county and so I can totally relate to your comments about him. He is truly gifted by God when he speaks and breaking down the truth. And I’ve had the pleasure of seeing MWS in concert once before and he too is amazing. Glad you enjoyed Catalyst. I didn’t do anything too exciting, although I did finish making a raggy quilt for Christmas so that was kind of exciting. 🙂