Good For The Soul


'Relax' photo (c) 2010, Martha Soukup - license: night I had my pajamas on by 5:30 p.m.  Our small group Bible study was canceled.  Some of the church was heading to my parents’ pumpkin patch.  By the time I got together and ready to head that way, it was pouring, so I put on my pajamas.  I didn’t really feel like waiting out the rain.  But it was a good night.

I love being around my friends and family, but I forget how good rest is for the soul.

I went to go visit my new nephews after church and went home.  That was all I had on my schedule for the day.

I love it when the Sabbath actually feels like a sabbath.

Don’t forget to take a day to relax every now and then.  And if it works out, I recommend pajamas by 5:30.   It makes for a pretty comfy night!

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