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I asked my friend, Herschel, the other night his honest opinion on what he thought about my blog posts lately.  Keep in mind, if I feel like everything is going great, I’m usually not one to open myself up to criticism.  So I kind of felt like I’d been off, but I wanted to see what my friend thought about it, as well.  Keep in mind, I think it’s a wonderful thing to have friends who aren’t afraid to be honest with you.  Keep people like that around you.  But his answer?

“Honestly, I think you’ve been coasting.  Taking it easy.”

Oh, man, I hate to admit it, but he’s totally right.  I don’t know, but something’s up.  Writing is one of my great loves, and lately it just seems like it’s pulling teeth to hammer out a blog post.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired or I’m distracted, but something’s gotta give soon.

A lot of times I’ll sit down with an idea of what I want to write about, something throughout my day that has struck me and I’ve made a note of it or just something I’ve been thinking about or studying about.  And some days I sit down and watch this cursor blink, blink, blink and there is nothing more terrifying to me at that moment than the blank page.

So I’m here to apologize.  I took a bit of a break over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I needed to go through a few days without feeling like I have to write something and have, today, sat in front of the computer screen and feel like I want to write something.

I hope it’s a season.  I know that there will be days when the words will just fall from my head and days when I can’t type a thing, but here’s to a new season.  A season of rest and inspiration.

I love new beginnings.

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  • I will be praying for you, that your true heart shines through and that you won’t be afraid to say what’s really on your mind.

    Love you, girl!