10 Things Under My Christmas Tree


'Christmas Presents' photo (c) 2007, The Lamb Family - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/It’s that time of the year when my gift-wrapping skills are put on display for all to laugh.  Seriously.  I’m a horrible wrapper, but I don’t like using gift bags, so i wrap.  Anyway, here are a few things under my tree:

1.  A remote-controlled truck that does tricks.  I hope I get to play with it, too.

2.  Two stuffed dinosaurs for my two new nephews.  They’re so darn cute.  The dinosaurs…and the nephews.

3.  A canvas photograph that I’m very excited about.

4.  The Abbot & Costello complete collection.

5.  A very cool retro lamp/light show.

6.  A toy set to build your own pirate ship.

7.  Cuddleuppets.  Look it up.  They’re kind of creepy.

8.  A talking picnic set.  Also kinda creepy.  But more cute than creepy.

9.  A couple of ornaments that have fallen off.

10.  A few good books and a few good movies that I can’t share because they go to a couple of readers of this blog.

So any fun stuff you want to share that you have under your tree?

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  • Bethany Meeks

    Lots of photo art, some gift cards and a Team Umi Zoomi car. I just learned about Team Umi Zoomi recently. I’m not quite up on all the kids tv shows.

    • esauproject

      I’ve never heard of Team Umi Zoomi either. May be something I’ll have to check out!