How In The World?


'Guitar Study 1' photo (c) 2008, Frank Merenda - license: are certain people in your life that just seem like they’ve always been there.  It’s like they just showed up in your life one day, and now you really just don’t want them to leave.

Last night at church we had some special guests come and tell us about their ministry and share with us their talents through music.  This couple is just what I described above.  Like I really don’t know how or when I met these folks, but my life is better for knowing them.  And not just sort of better, but infinitely better.

And the awesome thing I got to witness last night is that it’s not just me.  We had people drive for a couple of hours each way just to come and spend a few hours with this couple.  My pastor said tonight that there are some people who you know your lives will just always cross, that you will always have a place in their hearts and lives and the they will always have a place in yours.

Those kinds of friends are special.

As we were talking about their ministry that they have overseas, my friend said that she just wanted to help people feel like they were worth something and cherished and loved.  She said that I hope I can convey to them that hey, I’m seeing you as a real person and not trash.

I’ve got a friend online who posts on Facebook regularly to make someone feel seen today.

These are the things that Jesus did.  He went out and the broken and the lost and lonely came to Him because He made them feel seen.  It was His compassion and His love that drew people in then and draws people in now.  It’s His love flowing through us in our lives that is going to change the world.

The love that every person in that room last night had for this couple was so good to see.  I could hardly keep from crying because of the proof of their ministry in the lives that they had touched everywhere I looked.  Christ’s love through them is evident in how they live and in the lives that they have changed.

I hope one day you’ll get to meet my friends.  I have no doubt that you’ll love them as I do.  You’ll be able to sit for hours and hours and listen to their incredible voices as they sing.  You won’t be able to leave the room without having been blessed by them.

But until that day that you meet them, can you pray for them?  They’re finishing up raising support to head back to Southeast Asia by the first of March.  I hate to see them go, but I’m so thankful that they’re willing to do so.  Pray for safety, for energy and for direction as they continue to work with some incredible people in a pretty awesome time.

Seriously.  These folks are going to be part of some incredible stories, if only because they’re willing.

My heart was so blessed sitting in a room full of people who were connected, if only through this couple.  God has an incredible way of bringing people together.  Pay attention to the way He moves.  Maybe one day you’ll be as lucky as me to be sitting in a chair one night wondering how in the world you came to know these people, but being so thankful that you did and know that there is no way your life would be as cool without them.

Make someone feel seen today my friends.  You never know when it changes someone’s life.

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