What’s Hidden In Life


'Hornet Nest' photo (c) 2007, Jason Hollinger - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Spring is my favorite season.  Everything is green and colorful and full of life.  The temperature is usually exactly where I like it.  Rain comes and goes, and everything that lives is given everything they need to flourish.

I love how the seasons that we experience here are such an incredible metaphor for our lives.

Take this fall/winter for instance.  Once the leaves finally fell off the trees, I noticed in my back yard, about 50 feet from my back door, one of the biggest hornets’ nest I’ve ever seen.  I’d been mowing under this nest all summer, and had never seen it.

It’s crazy the things that life can hide that we can only see in death.  I heard Christine Caine said once that the only real Gospel is die, die die, die and die again.  Die to self.

I think sometimes real life can only come through certain kinds of death.  Think about it.  Sometime back in your life you’ve had a dream die, but maybe only to find a new one that really makes you come alive.  Love lost can make us find another love like we’ve never known.

It’s through the tearing apart that we can really come together and be who we were created to be.

I know death is hard, and it really hurts, but once you can move on, the life you have will be wonderful.

So I want to challenge you to not be afraid.  And in the words of Christine Caine, die, die, die, die.  And go spread the Gospel.

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