10 Things I’m Doing This Weekend

'Start' photo (c) 2011, JakeandLindsay Sherbert - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

1.  Going to Jon Acuff’s Start Night to launch his new book.  It’s in Franklin, TN, which is where I’m writing this now in a pretty swanky hotel and getting ready to head to the event.  (I’m writing this Thursday.)

2.  I think there’s an after party?  Maybe not?  If not, the after party will be in my huge bed at the swanky hotel.  I’m 100% ok with that.

3.  Friday morning there is a breakfast workshop, which is another pretty fun deal.  Why did I sign up to come down to Franklin, TN all by myself and go to a book launch?  Why not?

4.  Do some shopping.  Maybe.  I don’t love shopping, but there’s an Apple store about 10 miles from my hotel.  I’ve already checked.  Boom.

5.  Sleep.  Like lots of sleep.  I plan on catching up for several days worth of sleep.

6.  Write.  I’m staying an extra night because I can.  Really no other reason.  I could come home Friday afternoon, but why.  There’s no one there waiting on me or depending on me to be home, so I’m staying.  And I’m going to write and edit and work on my ebook.

7.  Eat salad without a fork.  We’re on the Paleo challenge at the gym, so for this weekend I cut up a bunch of lettuce and eggs and veggies for salads, made my own salad dressing and am ready to eat.  Except I forgot forks.  I may to talk to the front desk and see what they have available.

8.  Relax.  Other than Thursday night and the Friday breakfast there are no plans.  Just enjoy getting away and being off work for two days.  Usually when I leave, things get busy there, so I’m hoping to head back to sell several homes.

9.  I may head over to Cookville, TN to CrossFit Mayhem.  It’s the gym owned by the guy who has won the last two CrossFit Games.  I may not.  It’s a two-hour drive, but he’s pretty good-looking, so I may.

10.  Drive.  It was right around 4 hours to get here and 4 hours home.  That’s more driving than I usually do, but I don’t mind.  Thursday I listened to most of an audiobook all the way down.  I think Saturday I’ll listen to the rest and some Catalyst talks to refresh.

What about you guys?  Are you doing anything as cool as me?

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  • Bethany Meeks

    I plan on living the lame life. Yay work! I may get ahead on some blogging though.

  • AronDarling

    Great post Julie; although it is in the past, I wanted to make a couple observations:
    A. Stick with the paleo; not only do you feel great, it is great for you.
    B. Totally jealous you got to go to a ‘start night’; so wishing they had one out in CA.
    C. Rich F Jr. is married; watch yourself. 🙂
    D. Dave R.’s Legacy Conference is next Thursday in Vegas, 1/2 tempted to drive out and attend.

    • Thank, Aron!
      A. I love eating Paleo, and it’s usually not a problem unless I’m not prepared. Then I get behind and do what’s convenient. You’re right, though, I feel the best I ever do when I’m eating that way.
      B. Start night was awesome. There’s one in TX coming up. Maybe they’ll do another!
      C. I know. But he’s so pretty 😉
      D. I would drive out there. Not too often that you have a chance, so I’d do it if I were you!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!