'Forgiveness' photo (c) 2000, Jonathan Perkins - license: small group is going through 2 Corinthians.  Last evening we talked about 2 Corinthians 2.  I have a feeling this book is going to kick my butt in so many ways that I haven’t even imagined.  But last night as we talked about Paul telling the Corinthians to forgive the one who had hurt him, he didn’t talk about it being a bad thing that he was feeling hurt.

I think as Christians sometimes we’re afraid to let someone know that we’re angry or hurting because we’re always supposed to forgive.  But the way I read chapter 2, Paul doesn’t take the offense lightly.  I believe he was truly hurt.  And I believe that it wasn’t in his nature to forgive the person who had wronged him.  But he took time to step back from the offense and decided to forgive.

A lot of times you’re not going to feel very forgiving.  You’re probably going to have to wake up every single day for a while and make a conscious decision to forgive.  It’s like training for a race.  The hardest thing is decided that you want to go run.  Once you’ve done it, you feel better.  And the more you do it, the easier it is.


Decide that you’re not going to live bound by the chains of unforgiveness.  Decide that you’re going to choose to live free.  Decide that they’re no longer going to have power over you.

And choose to forgive.


It’s not easy.  It’s simple.  But it’s not easy.

But I believe we can do this.

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  • Beautifully worded. I’m going to keep it around because I have a feeling there will be some day when I need to re-read this words. I’ll also be passing it along.

    • Thanks, Andrea. I have a feeling one day I will need it, as well. Just hit me last night, so I wrote it.