10 Things I Bought At Trader Joe’s


'Trader Joes Haul 2 007' photo (c) 2009, flippinyank - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/I love Trader Joe’s grocery.  It’s good quality food.  And it’s not expensive.  Example:  Kerry Gold grass-fed butter at Kroger in Mt. Vernon?  $5.99/half pound.  Same butter at Fresh Market in Evansville?  $4.99/half pound.  Same at Trader Joe’s?  $2.99/half pound.  It’s crazy good.  Unfortunately the closest one to me is St. Louis, which is two hours and the next is Nashville, so about 3 1/2-4 hours depending on traffic.  No bueno.  So you can probably imagine that I stock up every time I’m close…or have friends pick stuff up for me.

But here are 10 things I bought on my last trip:

1.  Dark chocolate covered almonds.  I can have dark chocolate on this challenge.  I can have almonds.  I can’t think of a better way to have either of them.

2.  Plantain chips.  I wrote about plantain chips on Facebook a while back and that our Wal-Mart had them.  Now they can’t keep them in stock.  Coincidence?  Probably, but I’d like to think I have that much influence.  But they’re cheaper at Trader Joe’s!!

4.  Almond Meal.  I last bought almond flour from amazon, and it was about $8/lb.  Almond meal, which is just a bit rougher than the flour I bought last time was $3.99/lb.  Worth the roughness.

5.  Triple Ginger Ginger Snaps.  I can’t eat these until March 9.  However, I didn’t buy them for me.  My mom loves them.  There are chewy chunks of ginger in them.  I don’t love ginger snaps, but these are darn good!

6.  Kerry Gold butter.  This stuff is so good.  Seriously.  I don’t care if you have to pay $5.99/half pound because it’s good.  And you can freeze it, so stock up.

7.  Dried mangoes.  I love fresh mangoes.  I thought I’d try dried ones.  There was no sugar added.  Just dried mangoes.  That’s it.  I’ll consider buying the store out next time.

8.  Dark chocolate of different varieties.  One thing about fresh food/health food grocery stores is they have darn good dark chocolate and a TON of different varieties and flavors.  I came home with sea salt dark chocolate, a mint dark chocolate bar and I may have even come home with a dark chocolate/blueberry bar, but right now I’m thinking I put that one back for the mint…

9.  Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals.  Okay.  So I forgot to get these, but my friend Herschel went a couple of days ago and brought me some back.  This salt is supposed to be better for you because it still has all of the minerals that have been taken out due to the refining processes of other salts.  I just love it and would recommend it.

10.  A liter of balsamic vinegar.  I make my own salad dressings (even when I’m not on the challenge) and my favorite ingredient is always balsamic vinegar.  Every time.  And a liter of it in a glass jar?  Three dollars and change.

So I LOVE going to Trader Joe’s.  I even bought my own bags this time so I don’t have to throw away all their paper bags they use.  Make sure you go sometime.  And if you go, make sure you ask me what I need because more than likely, I’ll have a list for you!!!

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  • Bethany Meeks

    I’ll remember you next time I head to St. Louis.

    • Sweet!! Thanks! You may be coming back with a LOT of dark chocolate covered almonds and dried mangoes 😉

  • Cathy

    I try to stock up every time we go visit Matt’s parents in Naperville. There is one about 5 minutes from their home. I will be checking out some of your faves 🙂