The Sound Of Silence


'Silence is golden' photo (c) 2012, Hartwig HKD - license: used to think I was a fan of silence.  I used to love going home to a house full of noise only made by me and only if I wanted to hear something.

This year for Lent, though, I decided to limit television to one hour a night.  I did this for a while a few months ago, but the time in front of the television just continued to grow and I found myself keeping it on just for noise.  But more importantly, I found myself sitting in my chair with my computer in my lap and the TV on and getting nothing done.


I would write a few blog posts.  I did laundry so I could have some clothes to wear, but other than that, television and computer and work.  And my sanctuary of silence was once again overrun by the voices that I didn’t want to hear, but had let in anyway.

But now?  The silence is almost deafening.  I’ve got all this time and a million things to do, but trying to figure out how to best spend my time has been more of a problem than turning off the TV after an hour.

The thing about silence is that the only voices that we’re going to hear are the ones that we create.  We have a choice  to speak goodness and truth into our own lives or we can speak hurt and self-loathing.  And, quite honestly, sometimes my voices aren’t so nice to myself.

But those are the voices we have to overcome.  And I’m trying.

I’m not going to talk angrily to myself tomorrow for not already having my office cleaned out this weekend.  I was busy.  Things didn’t go as planned, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I’m going to be really happy with all the stuff I have accomplished and be thankful for the time to do so.

Speak grace and love into your own lives.

Don’t let the silence scare you or take you by surprise.  I think you may find as I am, that it’s been just here for you the whole time just waiting for you to welcome it in to a place of relaxation.  And productivity.

And peace.

So let the silence roar into your life and embrace it.

Let grace and love be your sounds of silence.

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  • Stewart

    Excellent post. I don’t think we have enough silence in our lives.