10 Things I See From My Office Window


'Towards the north' photo (c) 2008, Jon Ross - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/I sit in the front of the office, so I’ve got a great view of all the goings on outside.  It’s a pretty happening spot, but here are 10 things I usually see on any given day.

1.  The gazebo in our courthouse lawn.  Not much happens here during the day.  I don’t know about after 4:00 p.m., but from 8:00-4:00 usually not a lot going on.

2.  The courthouse itself.  Or at least the right quarter of it.  Our courthouse burned on November 17, 1886, and this building is the replacement.  It’s old.  But it’s kinda cool.

3.  A funeral home.  It’s probably one of the most-trafficked buildings in town unfortunately.  But they keep it looking beautiful!

4.  A body shop.  Not one that I can go to to replace my parts that aren’t working, but to fix all kinds of cars.  I see estimates being given every day!

5.  Cars.  Lots of them.  This is Main Street in Smalltown, Illinois.  People park all around the courthouse.  Especially now with all the oil workers coming in and doing their research.

6.  Fire Truck or Ambulances.  I hate it when I see them…especially if their lights and sirens are going.

7.  Funeral processions.  See #3.

8.  People walking.  Main Street has a few shops on it, but is also generally a pretty nice place to walk on a good day.  I see people just out to get some fresh air all the time.  Makes me kind of jealous.

9.  People going to the gym.  We’re two four doors down from one of the gyms in town, and people come and go from there at all hours of the day.  They go in looking great and come out looking gross and sweaty.  I guess that may be why I go at 5:30 a.m., so I don’t run into people I know.

10.  People running.  My CrossFit gym is just on the opposite corner of my office on this block.  Our warmup on decent days is a couple laps around the block, which is pretty close to a half mile jog.  Sometimes we forget that there are people working in the offices along the way and don’t watch where we’re going.  I guess I could cut through the alleys and avoid that problem.  😉

Do you have a window at your office?  What do you see on a regular basis?

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  • Geoff B

    I have a nice window in my office, but I have to stand up to see out of it. When I do, I see:

    1. Kids from the school that meets in the church playing in a little plot of grass.
    2. The very busy church parking lot, where people come and go all day. (We have a professional counseling service that meets in our building, a school for kids with learning differences, and about 120 groups from the community use the facility on a regular basis.)
    3. Cars, walkers, and joggers along a very busy road.
    4. The gate to a very prestigious academy across the street from the church.
    5. The rooftops of thousands of homes leading down into the Rio Grande River valley.
    6. Portions of three different mountain ranges.

    7. Yesterday, I saw snow…

    • A lot of those make me pretty jealous…mainly 5 & 6!

  • Kathy

    I have a large window right behind my desk at school. When I open my blinds I see
    1. a playground, sometimes with children, sometimes without.
    2. the grass ball diamond and backstop
    3. the neighborhood traffic…tractors, cars, pickup trucks
    4. a little house across the road
    5. sometimes I see the drivers’ education car drive by
    6. a full parking lot at 3:00. More kids get picked up than ride the bus
    7. one of the picnic tables where I like to take my classes on pretty days.
    8. empty fields
    9. big flocks of black birds
    10. Not exactly out my window, but on my window ledge I have a picture from whitewater rafting last summer. It makes me happy to look at that.

    • When I was in school, it seemed like more rode the bus!