10 Things I Will Eat This Weekend


'pizza 002' photo (c) 2012, British Mum - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/The Paleo challenge through the gym ends Sunday.  Weigh-in starts at 12:30.  I’m getting their early to get measured early, will promptly head out to eat with my friends after measuring.  Here are a few things I will have Sunday and Monday.  (I’m only allowing two cheat days until Easter)

1.  Our plan is to leave weigh-in and head to our local Mexican restaurant.  Chips with salsa sounds really good.  But the white cheese over rice and chicken and veggies sounds so much better!

2.  If that hasn’t made me sick, then I plan to head to Dairy Queen and pick up a Chocolate XTreme Blizzard.  And I plan on enjoying it.

3.  Maybe a Dt. Mt. Dew from my favorite restaurant.  Maybe not.  But probably.

4.  Reese’s Egg.  I love Reese’s Cups.  When they turn them into eggs for Easter, they’re 100 times better.  I’ve already bought one and it’s been sitting in my dash for about two weeks.

5.  Cadbury Egg.  We only get these once a year.  Seriously.  Gotta make sure I get one of these.

6.  A sandwich.  I don’t care what’s in-between the bread, but I think bread will taste pretty good.  I’ve got some Philly beefsteak meat at home.  Maybe I’ll make a nice little sandwich out of that.

7.  Nicole’s cake.  I told you it was one of the foods I missed.  I’m trying to talk her into making one for Sunday night at our Bible study group.  Hopefully I’m as convincing as I think I am.

8.  Some form of chocolate under 70% cacoa.  That’s all we were allowed on the challenge, and while I didn’t have it often, it seemed sweeter the further we went into the challenge.  I actually kind of liked it by the end.  I’ll go back to dark chocolate, but for a couple of days, it will be milk chocolate all the way.

9.  Wine.  I drink approximately 10 glasses of wine a year.  So I don’t crave it, but it would be nice to enjoy a glass with my friends if they’re having one.

10.  Pizza.  I’m going to vote we order pizza for small group Sunday night.  Ham and pineapple would be my preference, but ultimately it doesn’t matter.  The blend of bread and cheese and sauce will be awesome.

So if you’ve been eating strict like me, are there any foods you’re looking forward to?

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