10 Places I Would Leave For Today


'Heartland New Zealand' photo (c) 2007, Tony - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/You know those days when you want to go somewhere, but you can’t figure out where?  Just a restless feeling?  Well, if I never had to worry about a job or money, I’ve got a list of probably 20 places I would escape to, but here are 10 of my favorites to dream about:

1.  Tampa to visit with my brother and his family.  They live close to a beach, and it’s warmer there.  And the sun shines more than it does here.  This week, especially, I’ve been needing to see the sun.  All this dreary weather is getting me down.

2.  Ireland.  I’ve always wanted to go.  The countryside looks incredible in the pictures I’ve seen.  I can’t wait to set foot on their soil and stand on their cliffs one of these days.

3.  Dallas to see my friend Nancy.  No other reason for me to go down to Texas.  I don’t have any other fascination to see much of it, although people rave about Austin and San Antiono.  But I don’t get to see Nancy very often, so I’d definitely head there.

4.  Las Vegas.  I’ve been three times.  The city changes drastically every time I go.  Plus they have slot machines, and I like those.

5.  Australia.  It’s always been on my bucket list.  I’d hop on a plane in a heartbeat if I had my passport and plenty of money.

6.  New Zealand.  One of my grandfather’s friends is from there.  He’d always come visit and tell us how beautiful it was.  I love watching the movies set there because it’s just so darn beautiful.  I’d go visit with Lyle and his family and let them show off their country to me.

7.  Denver.  I fell in love with Denver when I went out there for a week-long mission trip when I was fresh out of college.  I almost took a job there a few years ago, as well, to teach court reporting, but decided the money just wouldn’t work out.  But I’d go back at the drop of a hat.

8.  Lake Tahoe.  I’ve never been, but I plan a trip about every year or so and never follow through with it.  One of these days I will.  I just need my friends to come along with me.  I’ve taken trips by myself, and it’s just more fun with people you know.

9. Italy.  I want to go to Tuscany.  I hadn’t thought about it for a while until I saw an incredible picture on Pinterest the other day.  It just reminded me how much I want to go their and drink their wine and stay in an old building and eat real pizza.

10.  Greece.  The islands more specifically.  Islands = beach.  Beach = almost paradise in my mind.

So, yeah.  Those are 10 of the destinations I think most about.

What about you?  Where would you run when you’re restless?

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  • Ireland. Just say the word & I’ll be on a plane with you. 🙂

    • esauproject