10 Reasons I Sometimes Move Funny


I don’t think there have been many days that some part of my body has not been sore in the last year and a half that I’ve been doing CrossFit.  So I thought I’d give you a visual as to some of the reasons why I sometimes walk funny.

1.  Squats.  Doesn’t matter if it’s front, back or air.  They kinda suck…

2.  Lunges.  These get me every single time.

3.  Pull-ups.  These usually get my shoulders and sides.  Also, I’m not this good.  I’m not even as good as the kid in the back…

4.  Thrusters.  This is probably my least favorite lift in CrossFit.

5.  Burpees.  No video for these.  We all know they’re horrible.

6.  GHD sit-ups and back extensions.  These get my core and my hamstrings really well.

7.  Double Unders.  These get my calves burning.

8.  Box Jumps.  I hate these.  Mostly because I still have scars on my shins from high school because of them, but also because I can’t jump.

9.  Deadlifts.  One of my favorites because I can do heavier weights, but still gets my back sore just about every time.

10.  Kettlebell anything.  Swings, snatches, cleans.  You name it.  These movements make me sore!


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