10 People I Think You Should Follow On Twitter


'Twitter' photo (c) 2011, Andreas Eldh - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/If you don’t have a Twitter account, you’re just being ridiculous.  I’ve heard it said when comparing social media to schooling, Facebook is like the high school of social media with too much information, too much drama and people are mainly there because they feel like they have to be.  So that would make Twitter the college of social media.  Most of the people who are there want to be there.  While there is drama, it’s less.  And if you don’t want to deal with someone ranting about something, you just unfollow them.  It seems a lot less harsh than unfriending someone.

I agree with the above statements.

And I love Twitter.  So here are 10 people I think you should follow!

1.  Jamie Wright.  Also known as Jamie The Very Worst Missionary.  She’s a fantastic writer when she’s got infinite space to fill on her blog.  And she’s a fantastic writer at 140 characters.  If you’re on Twitter, this one is a must-follow.

2.  Joy Eggerichs.  Whether you’re looking for relationship advice or wanting to know what the latest fashion in Unicorns is, Joy is your girl.   Her answers are honest.  Her answers are usually peppered with a little humor.  Actually, she’s one of the most entertaining blogs I read.  It’s also one of the best in terms of honest, straightforward advice.  Check her out!

3.  Christine Caine.  I’ve written about her a lot lately.  If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, you should be aware of this woman and what she is doing.  Check her out.

4.  Jon Acuff.  His latest book, Start, has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for two weeks now.  He’s funny.  He’s completely random, which really works with my attention span.  There are always lots and lots of pictures…of alarm clocks.  He gets up super early.  But he is super funny and a pretty intelligent and motivational guy.

5.  John Crist.  This guy is a comedian.  And he’s actually funny.

6.  Ellen Degeneres.  I doubt she does her own tweeting, but still worth the follow.  Funny stuff there.

7.  Jamie Golden.  She has great affection for Cheetos and Bradley Cooper (but really who doesn’t?).  She is an ADHD survivor.  She loves adoption AND she’s a fantastic photographer.  Plus I got to meet her for real a couple years ago.  She’s the real deal.  And you need to read her blog.  She gives stuff away and recommends all kinds of stuff I’ve never heard of.

8.  Herschel French.  He’s my friend, and if I didn’t put him on here, I’d be hearing about it later.

9.  Bianca Olthoff.  One of my favorite bloggers.  Fun pictures.  Works for The A21 Campaign as chief storyteller.  Oh, did I mention she’s a pretty fantastic speaker?  This girl is going places.

10.  Me.  Because it would be ridiculous to write about who I think you should follow and not put myself on the list.  And it’s last, so maybe you’ll remember it and click on me.  You’ll see a lot of pictures of my nieces and nephews.  Actually, I’m not that exciting.  You should really follow everyone else on here, though!

Give me some recommendations.  Who should I follow?  Who is entertaining?  Who is motivational?  Who is ridiculous?  What’s your handle?

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  • Bethany Meeks

    As someone who has been to college (a lot of it), I would like to say that their is an equal amount of drama to that which is found in high school. The more important aspect to look at is who you surround yourself with, much like Twitter.

    • Bethany Meeks

      P.S. I had almost forgotten I had a Twitter account.

      • I also agree with your statement 🙂 College had drama, but I had more options of who I wanted to hang around rather than just who I was stuck with.