Life Interrupted, Take 2


'Newborn' photo (c) 2011, Jlhopgood - license: and today I’m at the hospital with my friend.  Her C-section was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. CST today.  Due to some warning signs, they took the baby yesterday.  She’s been in the hospital for five weeks now.  One of the most energetic and motivated people I know laying still in a hospital bed on bed rest for five weeks.  She has gotten to get up every hour to use the restroom, and the last couple weeks they’ve allowed her a 30-minute wheelchair ride every day as long as she’s not having contractions.

I enjoy sleep tremendously.  I enjoy my mattresses and my comforter probably more than I should.  But the though of laying in bed for five weeks seems terrifying to me.  I’d get tired of reading.  I’d get tired of TV.  I’d get tired of nurses coming in every other day to change my IVs and every two hours to check all my vitals.  I’d probably get all grouchy and a little testy with the people I loved that come to see me.

But she’s not.

She’s been pretty darn incredible through it all.  Her outlook on it is that if this is what she has to do to get Baby Jules here healthy, then it’s what she’s going to do.

Whatever it takes.

I’m lucky to have people in my life to set this kind of example for me.  And it’s not just with this situation, but if they see a need, a lot of the time my friends’ attitudes are just that, whatever it takes.

So I’m here at the hospital today.  The procedure has some risks.  You couldn’t have kept me away.  What I’m learning through this season of interruption is that life is good.  But it seems that life is better if you allow yourself to be interrupted.  This isn’t a real stretch.  My friend is in need, so I’m going.  No questions.  It’s not convenient, but it’s totally worth it.

Because I’m planning on laying eyes on a beautiful baby girl today.

You can interrupt me any time for that.

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  • I’m very happy for them all! I had the same thoughts about impatience and boredom had it been me. In fact, near the end of my first pregnancy, I had 3 days of bed rest and I have to admit to being a bit whiny and grouchy. But our friend never took that attitude. She commented once that she considered it her new job, and I know how well she does her job, so it should be no surprise that she did this one well too! Hug our friend, and I hope you get a chance to hold that little one!