10 Items I Want…BAD


Roku 3I’m an impulse buyer at times.  Sometimes it takes me over a year to make a purchase.  Sometimes I salivate over a certain item before finally just breaking down and buying it.  Unfortunately a lot of times these purchases are just ridiculous.   If I had unlimited funds, here are 10 things I would purchase and then maybe never use.

1.  iPhone projector.  No real reason I want this, other than it would be something cool to say I had.  Hey let’s sit around my phone and watch funny YouTube videos.  Wait!  I’ve got a projector.  Now we can all see it rather than pass the phone around the room!

2.  A record player.  I love music, so this seems like it would be something I should have.  I loved sitting and listening to records at my grandparents’ homes.  Mom and dad even had one for a while, I believe.  Nowadays, artists are putting out vinyls again.  Yes.  I should have this.

3.  Nike+ FuelBand.  Even after typing for years and dealing with carpal tunnel symptoms since I got out of college, so much so that it bothers me to wear something on my wrist for long periods of time, I still want this.  I think it would be pretty cool.  That is all.

4.  RML-3 Rogue Monster Lite Power Rack.  I’m a huge dork.  I want this because I think I would use it.  It would enable me to do just about all my lifting and working out at home on my off days.  But I don’t have any place to put it until I buy some land and build a garage or a house or something.  Until then, I’ll just look and salivate…

5.  Bumper Plates and Bar.  I can’t use #4 to its fullest until I have these to go along with it.

6.  Gibson Custom Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul Aged Electric Guitar.  It’s so beautiful.  I probably wouldn’t play it much, but just hang it for people to see.

7.  Taylor Limited Edition Builders Reserve Acoustic Guitar.  I’d play this one more than the electric because I just love the sound of an acoustic guitar.  Especially a well-made acoustic.  And Taylor guitars are among the best!

8.  A 15-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display….and all the additions.  I don’t need all the additions, but it would be awesome.  Until I had to upgrade again in the next four of five years.

9.  iPhone 5.  My 4 is getting slow and acting up.  The lock button doesn’t work, and I’m completely eligible for an upgrade.  I just haven’t done it yet.  I’m trying to be conservative, but may possibly end up with one before the end of the year.

10.  Roku.  I guess I should preface this with I first want Internet fast enough and with no GB limits to be able to stream video, but then once I got that, this would be my next purchase.  I’d go this route, spend the up-front cash and get rid of my ridiculously expensive satellite TV.  To me it’s a no-brainer unless you watch live sports all the time.  Other than that, do it.

What is something that you want really bad that you know if you got it, you might not use it?


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