10 Things I Think Are Crazy


pink lakeActually, there are more than 10 things that I think are crazy, but since I had to limit this, there are just 10.  And by the way, crazy in my head means ridiculous as well as incredible.  I’ll let you try to figure out which ones are which.

1.  Open heart surgery.  My grandmother had double bypass surgery on May 24.  May 26 she was up and walking.  May 29th she was discharged from the hospital and could have gone home, but chose to go to a skilled care unit in our hometown for therapy.  Today she is heading home.  Two weeks ago they cut her in half basically, stopped her heart, put it on a bypass machine and did the surgery.  From start to end, including prep time the whole procedure took about four hours.  And now two weeks later she’s home.  Still sore, but home.  Crazy.

2.  Skydiving.  If you get me up in a plane, you can bet the last thing I want to do is jump out of it.  I don’t care if there’s a parachute or not.  It may malfunction.  Crazy.

3.  Mud runs.  Seriously, if I wanted to go run a 5k in the mud with obstacles, all I’d have to do is go out in the field behind my house after a good rain.  Especially like the ones we’ve been having lately.  There is no reason for me to pay good money to do something I can do at home.  Crazy.

4.  Lake Hillier in Australia.  It’s a pink lake.  Pink.  The water never changes color.  If you take it out and put it in a separate container, it’s still pink.  Australia is on my bucket list of places to visit, and now I think I’ve added another stop to the tour.  Crazy.

5.  Lake McDonald and Flathead Lake in Glacier National Park.  My friends have been there.  They’re crystal clear and you can see to the bottom.  Looks like you can walk all the way across without ever going under water.  However, Flathead is 370 feet deep and Lake McDonald is over 400 feet deep.  Crazy.  flathead

6.  Birds that constantly keep flying into windows.  I know they can’t really comprehend what they’re doing, but one would think if you try something once and run into something hard and knock yourself silly for a couple of seconds, then you may not want to try it again.  When I was living at home, my bedroom for a few months was in the basement.  Every morning for about two weeks we had a bird that tried to get into our closed window about 20 times each morning.  He’d hit the window, get knocked silly and then try again.  For two weeks.  Finally I think he did it so often he ended up killing himself.  I only bring this up ’cause one just flew into my window.  Sad, but crazy.

7.  Abandoned amusement parks.  It’s like they close and people just walk away never to come back again.  You need to do a Google image search for abandoned amusement parks.  Guliver’s Kingdom in Japan is creepy.  They do make for some cool pictures, though.  It reminds me of some of the scenes in Revolution.  Crazy.

8.  My allergies this year.  I’ve never had trouble with allergies.  This year every time I mow I get sick.  Horrible headaches.  This week I started taking some allergy meds for the first time ever, and I feel so much better.  Like I can breathe and I haven’t had a headache in days.  Crazy.

9.  My new cell phone case.  It’s called mophie.  You plug in the case every night.  It charges the phone AND the case.  You can turn the case on or off.  If my phone battery gets low, I flip on the case, and it starts charging the phone with the battery power that it stored up during charging.  So far I’m in love.  Crazy.

10.  The fast-food infatuation in our town.  It’s crazy.  You can’t go to a restaurant at the noon hour that isn’t ridiculously full and backed up.  Especially the drive-throughs.  Not only are we (and I’m including myself some days) too lazy or tired to cook our own meals, we don’t even want to get out of the car to pick it up.  Especially after my grandmother going through her surgery, I’m just frustrated with our society and how we think and what we think is appropriate and okay.  It’s not.  We’re settling.  It’s crazy.

What do you think?

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  • Tammy Lee

    Hey, now…don’t knock a mud run until you’ve tried one. Crazy fun, I’m telling ya.

    • I’ll just take your word for it. It’s not necessarily the running in the mud that’s crazy to me. It’s the paying for it…

  • Amy Book

    I call those birds Dippy Birds. At camp there was one lodge that had a collection of birds that continuously flew into the window. All day long. Every day. It made me laugh every time. I didn’t even have to see it, I just knew the sound. Crazy?? Yes. And also one of my favorite things on the planet 🙂

  • Katie Fox

    Loved this 🙂 Especially the part about Montana 😉 Made me miss it like… crazy!

    • I saw that pic you had liked or something on Facebook of the girl on the raft, and made me want to go visit 😉