Baby Steps


'No U Turn' photo (c) 2013, slgckgc - license: are very few things that make me click refresh on my computer screen more than my gym’s website.  The workout we’re doing the next day is posted anywhere between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. before we head into the gym.  I really try hard not to look at it before I head to the gym, but I tell myself that I need to be mentally prepared for what is ahead of me that day.  But quite honestly, sometimes it makes me want to turn of all my alarms and just stay in bed.

For real.

But in the almost two years that I’ve been doing CrossFit, there may be only one or two days that I have gone into the workout without knowing what it was beforehand.  I’m just going to stick with the fact that I like to be prepared for what’s ahead of me the next morning.  Let’s avoid words like neurotic and ridiculous.  Okay?

I think the thing about it is is that if I know the workout and I know it’s going to be horrible, I can stay in bed and get a couple extra hours of sleep.  I can avoid the hard work for an hour and just avoid the pain that I’ll more than likely be in for the next couple days.  But if I don’t know what the workout is, and I walk into the gym still not knowing, there is no way I could walk away from it.  I’m already there.  I’m already committed.

There is no turning back.

I probably compare my life to my work at the gym too often, but I feel like a lot of things in life can be attacked the same way as working towards a goal at the gym.  You want to increase your max weight on a lift?  Work in baby steps.  Go up a little bit at a time.  It’s a long process, but in the end, you will have most likely improved upon your weight.  Or your form.  Or something has gotten better.  You want to get more proficient at a skill?  Keep doing it over and over again.  You’re going to miss a lot in the beginning, but little by little you get better.

It’s all in the baby steps.

As long as you keep moving forward, there isn’t much that can stop you.  Life is lived as a relentless journey.  Some paths are harder than others.  Some are quite frankly a little dangerous.  Some are easier.  But it’s what we do while we’re on the path that makes us who we are at the finish.

So in the middle of your path today I just want you to remember a couple of things:

Keep breathing

Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I think by the time you get to the end of whatever journey you’re on, those will be two of the most important lessons.

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