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'| 10 |' photo (c) 2006, Emi Yañez - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/I have no idea what to really write about this week since it’s been so long since I’ve done a 10 things post, so I thought I’d just write about 10 things that came into my head as I was sitting here.  So here we go.

1.  I’ve got praise team practice tonight.  We used to only practice on Sunday mornings, but I’m glad we started earlier in the week.  I feel a little more prepared.

2.  It takes so long to download a movie on my iPad from iTunes.  I even bring it into the office for the super fast download speeds, and it’s still slow.  Probably an hour for one movie.  Surely it’s faster in other parts of the world?

3.  So far I have put up 4 dozen ears of sweet corn all by myself, so I’ve got a few bags in the freezer for later in the year.  At this moment I’ve got a dozen and a half more ears right beside me on my desk.  I don’t think I’ll put them up this weekend.  I think I’ll eat these over the weekend and then wait until next week to get some more frozen.

4.  The movie I’m downloading is Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds.  One movie I could watch over and over and over again.

5.  I like to build things.  I like to see something created out of pieces.  I think that’s why I love putting together furniture and things of that nature.  It’s cool to watch something come together and end up as something useful and essential.

6.  Is it weird that I watched Tangled, a Disney animated movie all by myself last night with no children present?  I don’t think so either.

7.  I think I’m going to give The Mindy Project a chance this year.  I’ve only caught a few episodes, but I think if I knew the storyline, I’d enjoy it.  Anyone have the seasons on DVD I can borrow?

8.  I definitely need to drink more water.  That’s my goal starting today.  I haven’t even been getting my 64 ounces a day.  Time to change that!

9.  I have a Mophie case for my iPhone.  I charge the case and the phone at the same time.  If the phone is running low on battery, I turn the case on, and it charges the phone for me.  Basically I start out with a full charge and then when it gets low, I turn on the case and it charges it fully, as well.  I love technology.

10.  I’ve been eating sweet corn grown by my dad and brother.  It’s so stinking delicious.  Not at all paleo or primal, but so, so good.

You guys been up to anything exciting?

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