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I was asked to make a crazy list the other day.  Goals so audacious and crazy that only God could pull them off.  So I sat down and made my list.  I put on there some crazy things that I wanted to happen or I wanted to do.  Dreams, if you will.

Two weeks later after another discussion with my friend I realized something:  My dreams didn’t really leave any room for God to move.  The things I wrote down were all things that I knew I could do.  Things perfectly within my realm of talents and capabilities.

The thing is, I know my limits.  I know how far I can go, and I can see things playing out to a certain point.  So that’s the point I set goals for.  Nothing further because I have no idea how things will play out beyond that point.

But every day normal people are doing incredible and impossible things because they step out of the box.

Sometimes they jump off the box.

But it just takes the first step.  And maybe a little bit of crazy.

What are you waiting for?



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  • Kathy Book

    Very good, Julie. I’m also guilty of setting those kinds of limited goals. It’s time to set God-sized goals instead.

    • Thanks, Kathy. Conversations with my friend stretch me every time we talk. I’m still working on new goals. And I’ll let you know, these won’t be going up on a blog anywhere 😉

  • Amy Book

    I love this!! I want to know what you put on that list. 😉

    • Thanks, Amy Book! I didn’t even tell my friend what was on the list. I just told her they weren’t crazy. She wasn’t surprised. Ha!