10 Things I Learned in 2013

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I had a request to write a 10 things list on my Facebook page today.  And I realized I missed writing these more than I realized.  And what time is better than now to write up a list?  Right?  Right.

1.  I learned that success has a lot to do with attitude.  Especially with me.  If my attitude gets down, it affects every aspect of my life.  Sure, there are bad days, but a positive outlook throughout everything going on is priceless.

2.  The human body can do incredible things.  This was especially important for me to know in May when my grandmother went through open heart surgery.  Seriously.  They basically cut you in half, stop your heart, fix things and then put you all back together.  And then three months later at 76 years old she’s pretty much back to her old self.

3.  No is a complete sentence.  I don’t have to give any sort of explanation.

4.  I can’t handle everything.   Don’t get me wrong.  I can do a lot of stuff.  And I’d probably argue that I can probably do just about anything that I put my mind to.  But I don’t have to do it all at once.  My friend Tracee had me write down at one point this year all the things I was responsible for between home work and church.   Four pages later I realized I may have a problem.

5.  While there are some things I can do, there are also things that I shouldn’t do.  Life is too short to do work on things that really don’t matter.  I could spend 90% of my time making sure my house is presentable and in perfect shape to entertain visitors.  But then when it’s not, I’d be stressed out when everything wasn’t in its exact place.  Sure I think having a clean house is something to work towards, mainly because I don’t like living in chaos, but to me it’s definitely not as important as spending the evening talking to people and getting to know what’s going on in their lives.

6.  Family living 1,000 miles away very close to the ocean and beaches is awesome.  Until you want to see them and can’t take four days off work to make the trip down there.  But it does make the times I do get to see them extra special.

7.  Some hurts will never go away.  They stay with us as scars.  Still visible.  They show us where we were once hurt.  But they also show us where we have healed.  And prove to us over and over that we are stronger than we think we are.

8.  In order to move forward, we need to be able to take a good hard look at where we have been and where we are now.  Every decision we have made up to this point has brought us here.  Every decision we make from here on out decides our future.  It’s not always easy, but I promise that it’s worth it!

9.  No one needs to know my opinions.  They’re mine.  I’m sure they’re not all right.  Some are probably misguided.  And some are dead on.  I don’t have to be right.

10.  It’s not always the most important thing to stand up and tell the world what you believe.  Your actions should be doing that for you.  I think the most important thing is to show the world your love. My opinions and my beliefs are only clanging noise to a world that doesn’t know love.  Show love.  THEN change the world.  It has to be in that order.

So, yeah.  Some of those lessons haven’t been particularly fun.  But I am glad I’ve been able to walk through them with friends.

How about you?  Learn anything last year?

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  • Cathy Feely

    Missed your posts! Thanks for sharing your reflections. Here are some of mine:

    1. Losing weight is hard, but so worth it! I want to be healthy for myself and my family.

    2. God blesses our sacrifices.

    3. Our Christmas and NYE traditions have changed over the past few years. It has been really hard. I think it is time to start some new traditions.

    4. How thankful I am for friends who I don’t always get to see or talk to, but we have the ability to pick up where we left off.

    5. It is important to really enjoy the moment. For me, that means being present and not always looking for what comes tomorrow. Life passes too quickly for that.

  • Dorothy Vaughn

    good stuff Julie.