What Love Looks Like To Me

'Love' photo (c) 2012, Adrian Serghie - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Today was Valentine’s Day.  Everywhere I looked online people, myself included, were sharing posts that resonated with them.  There were posts talking about the real reason we celebrate the day.  Posts giving shout outs to all the single people of the world.  And posts from those who just wanted to roll back over in bed and leave the rest of the world to their own devices.  There were good posts, and there were posts that just made me roll my eyes.

So today I just wanted to write a post about what love looks like to me.  Me as a single 33-year-old female.  Me as a woman who is chasing a full life.  What love looks like to me, a woman who tries to love her best, but most of the time just ends up okay at it and sometimes really screws it up.  So here are a few things I thought of today:

Love looks like sitting across the table from my grandparents who have been married close to 60 years.  She cuts his food for him because his hands don’t work like they used to, and he finds a way to make her laugh during lunch.  Things move a little slower these days for both of them, but neither want to be apart.

Love looks like mowing a path around the whole farm just because you think your wife might like to go for a walk on nice days.

Love looks like changing plans so you can make it to a friend’s birthday party.  Just because.

Love looks like asking for help, even when you don’t really know what you need.

Love looks like running.  Running towards the hurt and pain.  Love runs into the crazy.  And while it hurts and may get really messy for a while, love never runs away.

Love is choosing to swallow your anger and pick up the socks in the middle of the floor one more time.

Love looks like laying aside our differences for the sake of unity.

Love looks like not always having to be right.

Love looks like knowing when not to speak just as much as knowing when to say something.

Love isn’t always eloquent.  It’s downright clumsy most of the time.

Love isn’t always pretty.  It’s doing hard things day in and day out to make the world a better place for someone other than ourselves.

Love isn’t about me.  It changes me.  It heals me.  It redeems me.  But it’s not mine to keep.  The world is best served when it’s given away.

Love is the strength to do what is right regardless of what it costs.

Love is the way we’re going to change the world, my friends.  The way we’re going to overcome our differences.  The way we’re going to silence the hate.  Love is going to give us the strength we need and the courage to do the hard things is takes to be the difference maker for someone.

We can do this, folks.

Love is always going to win.

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  • Dorothy Vaughn

    Amen, sister!

  • Jodi Lawson Paul

    *Love* this. Seriously. Especially about love being the only way to overcome differences and hate. So true.