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I became acquainted online with Michelle Woodman through a bloggers group we had both joined.  And while the group has since disbanded, I still keep in touch and read the blogs of some of the friends I met on there.  And Michelle is definitely one of them.  I send her geeky superhero and Dr. Who pins on Pinterest every once in a while when I find one I haven’t seen her pin yet.  And she is a fellow lover of The Big Bang Theory.  Ha!  Anyway, she invited me to write on this blog tour and answer a few questions just to kind of let people know a little bit more about me.  Thanks, Michelle!

Upon what are you working?
Where I work is usually in my recliner with my laptop on my lap or, quite honestly, at my desk in the office.  I probably shouldn’t admit that.  98% of where I write is at home, though.  Things I am working on currently, though, are the occasional blog post and I’m actually starting to work on a book idea I had a couple of weeks ago.  Not ready to share the details other than it’s a fiction suspense/thriller book.  They’re the ones I love to read most, even though I can’t sleep afterwards, so I figured why not write one.  I always get frustrated that I can figure out the endings, so I’m working on one that isn’t quite so transparent.  We’ll see how that goes.

How does your work differ from others in the genre?
I honestly don’t think I have a genre.  I guess my blog genre here would be encouragement.  The book?  I had never though about writing a fiction book, so I’ve never really put any thought into the process of others.

Why do you write what you write?
Because if I didn’t write it here, it would end up somewhere else.  This is just the medium I prefer at this point.  As I said above with the fiction book, I want to write a book that not many people are going to have figured out.  I just finished a book with 100 chapters last night.  Halfway through I knew who was killing people in one of the story lines, and just a few chapters later had it pegged for the other story line.  And it was a fantastically-written story.  I just sometimes want to be surprised by the ending rather than just reading to finish up the details.  Know what I mean?

How does your writing process work?
Usually I sit down in my recliner, turn off the television and think of something to write about.  Sometimes it’s forced writing, which I think is good for practice, but not great for reading.  And sometimes it just flows.  I think that’s all part of everyone’s processes, but I would really like for it to just flow most of the time rather than the lesser amount.  Oh, well.

At this time, I am not going to tag any other writers.  Does that make me a party pooper?  Probably.  I do appreciate Michelle giving me a go at it, though!  Having a writing prompt is so much easier than coming up with something on my own!

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  • Have you ever read Agatha Christie? More specifically Murder on the Orient Express? That one had me completely fooled. I never would have figured it out in 100 years. (Of course, I’m not super good at figuring it out anyway.)

    • I haven’t read her much. My mom and sister have read all of hers, I think. I’ll check it out!

  • Michelle Woodman

    I loved reading this, Julie! It’s fun to learn about the writing processes of fellow writers. And you’re not a party pooper for not tagging others. It’s *your* blog, so you get to do whatever you want. 🙂