So Here’s The Thing


Man, it’s been a while. Last time I wrote a post for here there was snow on the ground. Right now it’s 84 degrees. Oops.

One thing I’ve learned over the last few months? God has a funny way of reminding you that he’s still in the background working even when we don’t see it sometimes.

So in early March Jen Hatmaker put out a post on her blog asking for people to sign up if they wanted to be part of her book launch team.  I hadn’t been part of one before, so I thought, Why not.  Go for it.

So I did.

Turns out so did 5,000 other people from around the Internets.  I don’t even remember now how I found out, but somehow I found out I had made the team.  500 out of 5,000 were picked, so I felt pretty honored to be a part of the team.  There was a private Facebook page started and all kind of fun stuff.  We all got an early digital copy of the book, so I dug in.

Let me tell you, this book is so good.  For The Love: Fighting For Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.

But I’ll be talking more about that later, closer to the time of the release in August.  Keep watching for it.

But once they announce to the group of 500 of us, they also had another fun surprise.  As it turns out, Jen didn’t want famous people to write her endorsements in the front of her book.  That turned out to be part of our job for the book launch team.  So after reading the book, I sat down to write.  I mean, you’ve read my stuff here.  How do you fit ALL THE FEELINGS into 4-5 sentences about a truly great book?

Another couple months went by, and I found out last week that my endorsement go picked to be in the front cover of the book along with 24 of the other launch team.

I may have screamed a little bit.

You guys.  If all goes according to plan, I will be officially published.  Nope.  It’s not my book.  But I can’t imagine anyone else’s book I would rather my name be in.

I can’t even…

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  • Diane Vaughan

    Congratulations Julie! Your first of many published works!!

  • Jodi Lawson Paul

    That’s great and so exciting! Congrats to you! I just came upon Jen through a FB friend who had tagged one of her blogs about the end of school. I could totally relate and signed up for her blog. You are in good company!!

    • Thanks, Jodi! Jen is worth reading every word. Such good stuff. I can’t wait!

  • Susie Klein

    So cool Julie!

  • Debbie Legg

    JULIE THAT IS SO FANTASTIC! I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU and can’t wait to hear more about this book. HURRAY FOR JULIE! 🙂