So there was this time when I had a blog that I wrote on three times a week for years.  I was a really fun time most of the time.  I had friends from all over the world that came to my own little space in the Interwebs just so they could read what I had to say.  Which is kind of ridiculous, but it still happened for one reason or another.

And then I think I lost my words.

Or maybe I’d lived them all.  Whatever the case, I needed to take some time off to live some life so I could feel like writing again.  I know that may sound a little bit weird, but I was just tired. I was tired of trying to think about things and speak about things that I had only minimal experience with.  This last year or so has been really fun, though, and I’ve got some plans for us.

I’ve decided to shut down my other blog, Run With The Big Girls.  Everything that I did over there can be done over here.  And we’re going to do it?  5K to help raise funds for an adoption?  Absolutely.  Fun ideas to help raise money for mission trips?  Check.  If we can dream it up here, we can do it.

I hope you’re going to want to hang out with me again, because I think we’re going to make some good changes here.

I’m game if you are, friends.

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  • Debbie Legg

    Welcome back. You’ve been missed. 🙂

  • rojopaul

    I was so excited to read your post when it came to my in-box. Welcome back! We’ve missed you!