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Blind Leading The Blind

There’s an attorney in my hometown that’s legally blind.  I see him going in and out of the courthouse all the time.  The computers in the courthouse have been equipped so that he can enlarge the print to where he can read it.  When I go in there after he’s been doing some research and

Before the Morning

Most of the time I don’t really understand the things I say yes to.   I’m house sitting for two weeks in a house close to mine.  This house is home to two seventy-pound dogs, a gecko, a snake, a cat with new kittens and, of course, two rats.  Had I known about the rats I


I’ve fallen in love with a television show.  I enjoy watching TV when it comes time to unwind or to just have some noise in the background while I’m cleaning or whatever.  But I don’t ever remember being just plain excited about a TV show…until now.  I’m such a nerd.  I’ve never owned any TV

Teaching + Prophetic

I took an APEST profile test a few minutes ago to help sort out what my spiritual gifts were.  It’s a series of 50 questions and you answer which one of two most describes you by your gut reaction.  It puts a number from greatest to least what your spiritual gifts are.  The five it

All We Need Is Love

Ah, the life of a single girl is grand.  Tonight I made enough filling for my quesadillas this week to feed an army.  Now it looks like I’ll be eating quesadillas for two weeks.  I’m not really complaining too much, though.  I love em!  I’ve always had a hard time trying to figure out proportions. 

Something Beautiful

I’m sitting here thinking of what I’m going to title this post instead of just typing it.  I’m running short on time and just really need to be typing, but instead I’m trying to be creative and come up with a funny title.  Geez. I’ve had a lot on my mind the last few days. 

Joseph and the Cougar

My friend Hersch sent me this link on Facebook.  I thought I’d share it with you!  Actually, this subject was coming up, but this one is a great version of it!


I couldn’t find a video of this song, so I posted the lyrics.  I was looking up at the stars last night.  They were beautiful.  Every one specifically created with a purpose and for a purpose.  Kinda makes you realize how small we are in comparison to all of God’s creation.   Kinda makes it pretty

Remodeling and such

My aunt lost her son about two months ago.  She’s been up to visit with all of us a couple times in those two months.  The last time she was up here I didn’t get a chance to visit with her at all.  Our paths never physically crossed.  What I’ve noticed, though, is that everywhere

Amazing Grace…

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the music.  I’m all about enjoying music.  Most of you know it’s a huge passion of mine.  I want the new music from just about everyone.  I love hearing about new undiscovered people.  And I LOVE a fantastic guitar solo.  So here you go.  Just