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The Motions

A girl I went to grade school and high school passed away this week.  She had moved away after high school, gotten married, had kids, but she had also gotten involved in drugs pretty heavily wherever she had moved.  By the time she moved back to town I didn’t even recognize her.  She was just

Love Never Fails

I’m getting ready to head this weekend to be a bridesmaid in a fabulous friend’s wedding.  I’ll have to admit that I’ve gone to weddings before and haven’t been excited to be there celebrating with them at all.  It’s mainly because of my own attitude.  Sometimes I just would rather be at home or doing

Quick note

Just a quick note to let you know that I love hearing your feedback.  I would love to know if you agree with me or think that I’ve gone crazy!  So please feel free to leave a comment whenever you are so inclined!

Do you think we’re trying to hard?

We just got done studying a book in Sunday School called Forgotten God by Francis Chan.  One of the best books I’ve read in a really long time…and I haven’t even finished it.  We’re done with the class, but I fell a little behind ;-D  I’ve liked it so much that I went out and

He Loves Me!

And, no, I haven’t started dating anyone and not told you.  That would definitely be blogging material if that ever happened for sure!  Actually, a friend of mine came over tonight to borrow my guitar for a little bit, and while he was here we just had a little bit of praise time.  He sang

Let’s get this straight

So Sunday morning our pastor was trying to talk about Jacob and Esau and kept putting the wrong name in the wrong place.  He, of course, realized it and tried to fix it, but just kept making it worse.  It was pretty funny.  First day back from vacation…it’s understandable.  Throughout all of the confusion, he

Four score and three decades ago…

So I turned 30 Saturday.  I’ve had birthdays where I’ve had a hard time dealing with turning a year older, and I fully expected that to be the case with this one.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I spent a very good day going to rummage sales, cleaning my house and then going to

Arms Open Wide!

He was ready to go, but you’re never ready to let go, are you? I think maybe that’s why we don’t get a choice in this part of our lives, when it comes to death and life and change. Would we ever let go of the past so we can move on?

The Wrong Way

So…I started this blog several weeks ago, and I am just now at least working on it again.  First, let me tell the story. So I had gone to work that Sunday, just like any other Sunday.  I am scheduled to get off work at 7:30, and that evening I was clocking out around 8:20,

Pesky little critters

I moved in to my “new” house tonight.  I’ve been working pretty hard every available night I had for about two to three weeks to get my bedroom, bathroom & laundry room painted so when I moved in, I wouldn’t have to move all that big furniture around just so I could paint, and that